Maintenance and Support

ODYA Technology provides it’s customers with a variety of Maintenance and Support packages. Customers may choose the package best fitting their business needs.

Customers who have purchased these services may submit service requests in ODYA Tehnology’s service desk – Strategic Solution Center. All the contracts of the customers exist within the service desk, therefore customers have the opportunity to view all existing tickets (open/closed), what tasks were done, how much time was dedicated on the ticket, which consultant or consultants worked on it and any other related details.

The maintenance and support packages target at maintaining the healthy lifecycle of the business processes on existing products or any brand-new products in line with SLA’s, quality standards and technological innovation.





Maintenance & Support Services

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It includes the support given to all kinds of problems related to the process and the adapted solution as completed and delivered or taken over by ODYA Technology.

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It includes general health checks, control reports, planned studies and support services to be provided for analyzes obtained as a result of the studies, for the process and the adapted solution as completed or taken over by ODYA Technology.

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