4 Tips to Streamline Intelligent IT Automation Deployment

According to the survey conducted by Deloitte in 2020, 73% of organizations are embarking on the path of adopting IT automation. While 26% of respondents are piloting automation, 38% have a truly enterprise-wide smart IT automation strategy.

According to the same survey, the reasons for not adopting automation are the fragmentation of the process and deficiencies in IT preparations. Resistance to change and lack of clear vision are the following reasons, respectively. So how can you avoid and overcome these common barriers with your own IT automation implementation? The four tips we’ll share below will help you prepare for success.

Don't be afraid of change!

The change that will come with automation will contribute to the development and improvement of IT teams’ work routines rather than taking them away. Intelligent automation can completely change the rules of the game not only in IT business processes, but also in all areas of organizations.

Assemble the right team!

Delegating the deployment of intelligent IT automation to IT team members dealing with a large workload as a part-time project can lead to failure. Success in intelligent IT automation requires an all-encompassing approach and it would be fair to say that it requires a dedicated team.

Set your goals!

If you think you will automate everything, the end of the process will not make you happy. It is very important to proceed step by step. Start the process slowly and take care to move forward with sure steps. Identify and automate key areas of your business where you can measure to produce the fastest and most effective ROI. Focus on tasks and workflows that directly support your goals and objectives. Setting small goals for smart IT automation and achieving them and reaching big goals will be the most accurate methodology.

Choose the platform that suits you best!

Choosing the right platform can easily compensate for several of these reasons, especially for failures due to lack of know-how, resources and personnel. All automation solutions and institutions that provide installation-adaptation services for these solutions do not have the same capabilities. Choose a proven and innovative partner with satisfied customers!

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