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The workload of IT and DevOps teams is exploding as growing shopping volumes increase the need for faster development cycles and demand for automation and collaboration! ​


What are the most common questions and requests from IT teams


“How can I effectively monitor and ensure availability of my applications in the hybrid, multi-cloud environment?”


“How can I meet rapidly evolving and increasingly complex industry compliance standards and regulatory challenges?”

Consolidated View

“How can I ensure all my tools are talking to each other and are giving me the right insights on impact to business services?”

Root Cause

“I need to be able to proactively identify the root cause of the issue and solve it in a time sensitive and agile way.”

Customer Service

“I want to provide the best offers and timely customer service and to retain and attract new customers.”

Ensure the performance of your IT assets used in your daily operations!

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Uninterrupted customer experience guarantee
for e-commerce and retail industry!

Reduce costs of unplanned outages, increase digital resilience!

Fix problems up to 83% faster by increasing your digital resilience and system security, and deliver extraordinary experiences to your customers!

On what day(s) or time of year do we see the most traffic on the shopping page?

Is there a particular web page that users visit most frequently?

What changes occur in the requests to the shopping page after the launch or after a web page change?

Is the shopping page loading slowly? Why is it loading slowly?

Ensure 24/7 availability of your critical services in terms of business processes!

Increase your IT Service Management effectiveness by saving time with tools that help collect service requests from multiple channels.

Can I convert alerts from monitoring systems into automatic calls?

Can I automate the entire process from receiving the call to closing it?

Can I create a database where all IT and non-IT assets in the business are processed?

Can I match database and CMDB relationships?

Make your websites faster and more reliable by monitoring your IT infrastructure 24/7!

Can I be alerted for simple to complex multi-step user interactions like checking out a shopping cart, logging into an account, or searching for a product?

Can I monitor performance metrics such as page load speed, number of requests, size, and how Yslow ranks by performance matrix?

Can I ensure web application availability by proactively monitoring my web applications, APIs, and networks?

When the website goes down can I and my team receive an instant alert with a root cause analysis report and outage details for effective troubleshooting?

Can I identify key customer groups and see if they are satisfied with the performance of my web applications?

Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate visitor interaction with your site or web app to know if and when critical pages or flows stop working correctly. Synthetic monitoring features:

Uptime monitoring: Monitor site availability from over 100+ locations worldwide.

Page speed analysis: Know when and why your website is slow to help you troubleshoot fast and provide the best service to customers.

Transaction monitoring: Test simple or highly complex transactions, such as: new user registrations, user login, search, shopping cart checkout, URL hijacking, and more.

Real User Monitoring

Gain visibility into how actual end users are interacting with and experiencing your website with scalable and easy-to-use Real User Monitoring (RUM). With Pingdom RUM you can:

Know how your site or web app is performing with real user insights in real time.

Understand how your visitors experience your site based on browser, device, and geographic location.

Compare usage metrics over time to see if your website is performing better than last month? Last quarter? Last year?

Make sure you hit critical KPIs and SLAs by setting your own or using our defaults.

Get alerts from your favorite apps, find out when events happen before your users experience them!

Specialized solutions for e-commerce and retail!

Meet solutions that will support your increasing sales volume with an uninterrupted and problem-free IT infrastructure!

By monitoring the network get information about current status of network lines, detects anomalies and investigates the root causes of problems.

Unlike standard network monitoring tools, Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) allows us to measure application performance through network traffic. When a problem occurs in an application, it helps us find out whether the problem is client-related, network-related or server-related.

It allows you to monitor your site hosted in Turkey in different locations around the world, outside your institution’s network. RUM capabilities in Pingdom give insights into end users’ behavior and experiences. It checks for you whether your websites or servers are online and provides relevant statistics. If a problem is detected on your site, it notifies you via SMS or e-mail.

When mapping interactions and relationships between your applications and infrastructure, identify all elements in the IT ecosystem, visualize device applications in a network and how they are related.

ADM is a subset of application mapping that defines which applications connect to what in the context of your entire network. Its goal is to help organizations understand the complex interconnections between various software, hardware and related systems.

Application mapping helps organizations automate discovery of virtual resources. It can give administrators an overview of key dependencies and give IT managers a clear picture of environmental health and overall application performance.

Thanks to automated processes, it provides in-depth visibility into problem identification and resolution needs. It offers enterprise observability to improve application performance management and accelerate CI/CD pipelines regardless of where applications reside (public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, on-prem, etc.). Thanks to Observability, you can combine APM with automation capabilities and deploy it as an on-prem or SaaS solution. By presenting data in context, it makes it possible to see the results of changes made in real time. Moreover, it offers artificial intelligence that helps analyze and solve problems that may arise. And it provides ease of use carefully designed so that all teams can easily use observability tools.

It provides the necessary tools to monitor your servers, applications and their supporting infrastructure running on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, on a single web console. It allows you to take timely action to prevent slow applications and downtime from impacting your end users and business services, and helps ensure best practices with built-in server monitoring templates.

It provides custom template collections, application monitors, and alerts to intelligently monitor application status and issues. It is the ideal solution for monitoring over 200 types of applications including application, authentication, database servers and more.

It lets you know when changes will occur on your servers without relying on different systems or procedures. Reduces or eliminates the need for multiple tools and custom scripts to monitor configuration. It allows you to add configuration change information along with performance and availability metrics into a single view. Keep track of who made configuration changes. Minimize downtime, optimize IT infrastructure and reduce configuration management burden.

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